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Outfit | Grey coat

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Happy happy Monday guys!
I hope your weekend was fun! You can’t imagine how fast my weekend went by 😉 Well I did spent it with my family so that’s always a good time! Saturday was day with my nieces and my mum, it was really fun, we went shopping, watched Hotel Transylvania 2 in cinema and they loved it, we eat biggest box of pop corns ever, he he. After it there was Halloween party for kids, and there were like 200 children with costumes. So much fun watching all of them presenting their DIY-ed costumes. I didn’t try and make a costume for me this year, we don’t really celebrate it in my country but I do love to improvise sometimes 😉 This time I didn’t have time for it. And on Sunday we celebrated my dad’s b-day. He made us all dinner and we all gathered in his house, even my little nephews were there. And I “normally” spilled some juice all over the table, floor and my pants and chair ;/ totally my fault I was holding my nephew and wanted to grab my glass and he grabbed it before me. Oh well those thing happen right!? 😉
Now onto my outfit, I couldn’t wait to wear my lovely new coat. I was so pleased when I found this one thrifting. I rarely do go thrifting but I guess I was bored. I went in my local thrift store that sells only stuff that are from designers and stores like Zara, H&M, Mango, Pimkie and much more. This coat is actually from Pimkie and it was in my size 36 and it’s fits like a glove. Love the color love the style love the length, it’s amazing how you find something perfect when you least expect!!!
Well I hope I didn’t bored you with my little weekend story 😉 and I do hope you like my ootd.
Stay inspired and I’ll talk to you soon.

Pants: H&M | Sweatshirt: (HERE) | Coat: Pimkie | Bag: New Yorker | Sneakers: Safran

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