laced up boots OUTFIT poppyloversfashion sponsored striped turtleneck teddy coat jacket white dungarees white overalls

Grey teddy jacket

grey teddy jacket coat


I know it’s spring but we still have some freaky cold days in my country. I can still manage to wear teddy coats and faux fur jackets, I’ll probably rock them until summer ?
There is at least some sun outside that makes me wanna wear brighter colors. Yes I know I’m in mostly grey, but if you know me by now, white is a rarity for me. And the teddy coat/jacket I’m styling is the softest thing ever, it’s like a blanket you wanna snuggle with, and it keeps you warm. When it comes to jackets like this one I wanna have them in every color, but for now you can find this one at Asos Marketplace – Poppy lovers fashion
What trend are you looking forward the most this spring/summer!?











  1. very cute outfit
    This is very nice, Thank you for sharing
    How's the week going?

    New post:

  2. Thank you Melody! Everything is great! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!!! xo

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  4. eda

    so cute style!!!!i like it!!!
    i want this one

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  7. lisa

    oh, i like your style, looks fashion

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