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Outfit | Hey Mickey

Hey you lovely readers!
Are you having a fab week so far!? I’m little tired right now, I was babysitting my nephew of 6 months for few hours actually. I thought he is a baby right how hard can it be, he sleeps most of the time he eats, I change him and repeat, right?! Well I did all that but the thing I wasn’t counting on was caring him around, he’s not heavy but still caring him for 10 minutes is like working out I tell you, I realized how much I was out of shape 😉 Still I loved every minute of it, he is so adorable, and when he smiles it’s precious. That makes me wanna have one of my one even more!!!
On to my ootd, I’m still into crop tops and pencil skirts even when being casual. Went for all grey with the Mickey print, I mean who doesn’t love Mickey, and my new black sneakers! And yeah excuse my hairstyle changes, I was just not having it 🙂 ha ha.
Stay fab!!!

outfit, deichmann black sneakers, black converse, grey pencil skirt, crop top and pencil skirt, terranova grey mickey mouse print crop top

Top: Terranova | Skirt: Terranova | Sneakers: Deichmann

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