high waist shorts off shoulder top OUTFIT styling white converse sneakers

Outfit | High waist and cold shoulder

Finally a fun relaxing casual day! It’s amazing how does time fly by when you are not working 😉 Yesterday school started as well, and my oldest niece started her first day of school! So proud of her, we all went to support her, she was such a trooper 🙂 I realized how much things have changed since my school days, the focus is much more towards children needs and the ones who got a real lecture were the parents… 
I was playing it casual but still trendy. White off the shoulder top pared with some denim high waist shorts and white Converse. Doesn’t get simpler than that!!! This combo could easily become one of my go to summer outfits!!! What do you guys think!?

Top: Terranova | Shorts: Terranova | Sneakers: Converse

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