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Outfit | It’s ok to be vulnerable…

shein v neck top

It’s been a while since my last post, I know, I was in a really bad place, I still am but I’m dealing with it, we all are. I don’t know if you remember when I talked about my father being very sick, and that is something that we all are dealing with for a year and a half now. Like that is not enough, now my hubby’s father has passed away, suddenly a week ago. It has been such an emotional period for us, and I’m an emotional wrack, but God knows I’m trying to stay strong for my hubby, for my father and for myself. It’s hard, that is why I look for an escape here on my blog, on my other social media, so I wouldn’t think about all these things, about my life. It’s nice to look at other people moments in life – happy or sad – and know that you are not alone and that life does go on.

Well after this long intro (sorry) I’ll focus on this day when these photos were taken, not so long ago, but I just put them on hold. Fashion and everything beauty related is my passion in life and really does allow me to function “normal” for at least few hours a day.

This SHEIN V-Cut High Low top is a piece that I recently got cause I wanted something simple that would go with practically everything and still be a chic piece that could be dressed up or down. In this case I decided to dress it down for an everyday wear, adding just a few details to make it more interesting – like my leopard loafers, leopard bracelet and this fab straw bag that I found on eBay for about $10.

If you are going through a hard period in life, know that there are people that love you and support you no matter what and that life does go on and that empty spot in your heart is never gonna get full again but that is ok too, you just need to accept it and learn to live with it ?

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