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Outfit | Karaoke night

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To be completely honest I have never been to a karaoke before, so I didn’t really knew what to expect! I was quite surprised how fun it was, I mean I was pretty much laughing all the time. They organized it first for kids and then for adults. They were supposed to have little competition in dancing alone, that in pars and at the end at singing. It was absolutely hilarious, not in a negative way, just so much fun. I give them so much credit for walking out like that in front of everyone I know I wouldn’t do it, not in a million years. I was there just to watch, drink my bear and have fun. Since I didn’t know what to expect I kinda went for casual chic with my look, not to dressy not to casual. And these culottes pants. omg, can we just talk about them 😉 they give me life, so perfect, the style, the print, everything. I found them in Zara on sale for like $10, and I love them so much.
Have you guys been to Karaoke before!? What was your experience like!?
P.S. These two girlfriends of mine were participating too, crazy fun!!!

Top : Bershka  |  Pants: Zara  |  Sandals: Bershka

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