aviator sunglasses black faux leather jacket blue boots boyfriend jeans golden necklace OUTFIT peach color sweater zara floral clutch

Outfit | Lets add colors

outfit, blue boots, zara floral clutch, peach color sweater, black faux leather jacket, aviator sunglasses, golden necklace, boyfriend jeans

Happy Monday!
Yes the weekend is over 😉 and yes I did get some rest and I feel much better. I don’t know what it is, maybe because my hubby and I are fasting or something, but I got over the cold so quickly! I’m seriously reconsidering changing my diet completely. I feel better in general without meat and dearies in my everyday diet. I’ll keep you updated!
So when I feel good my outfit is usually colorful 😉 as you can see. I bought this peach color sweater just two days ago and I love it, so bright and fun color for winter. Staying in colorful mood I wore my cobalt blue boots from Labrador with my Terranova boyfriend jeans. Of course I gotta accessorize, added this beautiful Zara clutch that I got as a gift and two dainty gold necklaces. This could easy be transformed into everyday look, just replace the heels with flats or sneakers and you’re good to go.
Have a great week ahead!!!

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