carpisa black studded bag grey pencil skirt long cardigan nike free run black and pink OUTFIT printed sweatshirt round sunglasses styling sneakers and pencil skirt

Outfit | Lets call it sporty chic

outfit, long cardigan, printed sweatshirt, grey pencil skirt, nike free run black and pink, carpisa black studded bag, round sunglasses
Hey you!
Who is exited for NYE!!!?  I wanna wish you all a Happy New Year, may it bring blessings for you and your loved ones!!! 
For me it’s time to be with family, having diner, waiting for new years with all the kids, try to keep them awake with candies and presents 😉 In the morning we go all together for a walk at the street that is called “Open heart street” on that day!!! It’s already snowing so it’s gonna be so much fun and so so cold 😉
Till then I’m rocking bit sporty look, being casual and warm with chunky knit cardigan over sweatshirt from Legend, pencil skirt from Calliope and my Nike free run sneakers!
I’m linking-up with because the theme is my favorite sweatshirt 😉 what more do I have to say!!!
I will probably plan my NYE outfit later today 🙂 😉
See you all next year!!!

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