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Outfit | Monochrome look

half frame sunglasses

I know you are use to seeing me alone on the photos but from now on I’ll be having my little furry friend with me. I’m not gonna be carrying her all the time, just for few weeks until she gets all her shots and it is safe to put her on the ground. I’m a new mummy so bare with me ?

Honestly Mimi was my inspiration for this look. She is all black and grey and that is one of my favorite combos so I went for a monochrome look. Key elements of this outfit were accessories CHECKED PRINT SCARF and HALF FRAME SUNGLASSES both quite trendy pieces I would say. Check print has made a huge come back, not only in accessories but in other pieces of clothing like – blazers, pants, skirts… You can see me styling checked blazer in my previous post Outfit & life update and I’m still to get my hands on checked pants as well. Sunglasses on the other hand might not be everyone’s cup of tea, since they are pretty trendy piece but I feel like they add interest to the whole look. 

I know it’s first day of the spring and I should be wearing some bit more colorful pieces but the weather is still quite wintery and it’s actually snowing today so I guess you’ll have to wait few more days for my wardrobe to blossom ?

DRESS – Terranova
SNEAKERS – Converse

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