black faux leather jacket black fedora style wool hat knee ripped black jeans ok but first coffee t-shirt OUTFIT sponsored white sneakers white t-shirt

Outfit | Ok, but first coffee

outfit, knee ripped black jeans, white sneakers, black faux leather jacket, black fedora style wool hat, white t-shirt, ok but first coffee t-shirt, sponsored,

Happy Friday guys!!! Are you exited for the weekend!? 
I know I am 😉 With this weather and the job I just need a break. My hubby gave me the great news, he is having two weeks off for New years and I’m on vacation too, so I’m gonna start planning where to go!!! Hopefully we’ll manage something!!!
This is my casual outfit for the end of this week. Once again styling piece from online store LOVELYWHOLESALE.COM. What’s more casual then ripped jeans pared with printed tee, right?! This is actually my kind of everyday look. What’s better message for Friday than OK, BUT FIRST COFFEE on a casual white t-shirt. Going back to black and white combo, that’s kinda my safe zone 😉 and these jeans are thrifthed, but they are actually from H&M, the only thing I did was distressing them by adding holes on knees. I just thought they were to plain.
Tell me guys are you starting you day with a cup of coffee!? How does your morning ritual looks like!?

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