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Outfit | Pink tweed top

pink tweed top shein

Whenever the sun shines through the clouds these days I’m immediately like – let’s wear some color ? it makes this grey weather more bearable. Also I’m really into pink lately so this was a perfect opportunity for me to rock some pink shades.

I was thinking something casual but still chic would make pink color look bit more elegant instead of looking like a little girl. I feel like if you go over the top with pink you end up looking like a 12 year old and that’s not really cool for a Spanish language professor ? Sticking to those thoughts what’s more classy and elegant then tweed!? So I picked this PINK TWEED TOP and pared it with my pink tweed bag to make it pop even more. This top is actually two in one, since it has the white shirt part sew in. I wore white pants cause I wanted to keep the look only pink and white but I think this top would par nicely with jeans also!!!

What are your thought of this look!? Like wearing color in winter time!?

TOP – shein.com
COAT – gamiss.com
SNEAKERS – New Yorker
BAG – gamiss.com

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