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Hey guys! Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a very Merry Christmas!!!
We did celebrated Christmas like every year with the family. I didn’t take any photos though, we went to my mum’s straight from work, we were both so tired and not in the mood for anything else but lovely dinner with the fam 😉
The other day I was with my mum in a shopping mall looking for things we need for our vacation!!! Yeah guys a real vacation finally, we are officially going for a few days. And my hubby and I are bringing my mum with us actually, she needs a little few days break too. So anyway while we were shopping I found this black and grey poncho in C&A and I thought it would be great for my vacation, it’s gonna be cold and I can wear it over my coat as cape or just as a blanket scarf! It’s a great versatile piece, I can even use it in a bus as a blanket if it gets cold. And my mum even bought one for herself just in other color combo, so I guess we can borrow from each other once in a while 😉
This time I styled it casual, you know me, ripped jeans and sneakers are just my everyday look. It was not that cold so I didn’t need a jacket or a coat under it but it will look great with my grey coat also! Hope you like this kinda look!!!

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