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Outfit | Poolside – Bikini body

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Hola amores! Happy August!
I can’t believe I have to wait for the whole month to go on a actual vacation 🙁 Buy hey we can always cheat and have those poolside weekends 😉 This weekend was one of those, beautiful sunny day, pool, bikini and my love, what more do I need (except for two weeks vacation)!!! You can rarely see me wearing a bikini, not because I don’t wear one but because I only do it once a year on a vacation. That is a sad fact, but between work and crazy weather changes that is the only chance I get to rock my “bikini body” he he. And as you can see I was not bikini ready with my crazy tan lines and white legs, but at least we got to relax and enjoy the day.
What are your vacation plans or you already came back to reality?!

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