blue mirrored cat eye sunglasses floral pants michael kors watch OUTFIT purple flip flops flat sandals white crop top

Outfit | Poppy red

outfit, white crop top, blue mirrored cat eye sunglasses, floral pants, purple flip flops flat sandals, michael kors watch

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
You know how I was telling you about the heat wave in my country during these last two weeks, well it finally cool down a little bit but they sad it will get hot again during next week :/ So this weekend we decided to install air conditioner in our apartment. We were suppose to do that long time ago but I guess we thought we won’t need it!!!
Anyway the heat is not stopping us from going outside for an evening walk. It’s really hard to choose what to wear when you just can’t stop sweating like crazy!!! This time I wore a simple white crop top with my floral pants and some purple flip flops. Even wearing a bag bothers me, so I just put my phone in my hubbies pocket and off we go 😉
Have a wonderful week you guys!!!

Pants: Republic | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: (HERE)

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