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Outfit | Put your belt on

wide belt and plaid shirt

Wide belts are back and I love it! I went through my closet and find so many wide belts that I totally forgot about. I used to wear them all the time, in all shapes, sizes and colors, but they got out of style. Luckly they are back in style again, just the way that they are styled it’s bit different or as you might say modernized!!! Everybody are rocking them with oversize shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and so on, it’s kinda – I’m wearing my boyfriends tee but I have my big belt on, so it’s O.K. – look 😉. 
I was thinking how would I actually wear it since I don’t really own that many oversize shirts. Then I remembered this plaid shirt that I got in New Yorker‘s men section, it’s bit big on me but that’s just the look we are going for right?! The only thing is that it’s kinda short so I did had to wear my shorts underneath but I know I’ll find that piece that will match perfectly with these type of belts, you know that Yeezy vibe!!!
What are your thoughts about these kind of belts, are they to much for you or YaY!!?

Jacket: C&A
Shirt: New Yorker
Shorts: Calliope
Boots: (HERE)
Bag: (HERE)

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