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Outfit | Red in details

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Hey guys!
Happy Monday!
I have to start by saying that red is not my color 😉 You know when you try something on and you look yourself in the mirror and you look kinda pale and sick, well that’s how I feel when I wear red, seriously not my color 😉 So I wear it from time to time but only in details and that’s rear too. Actually the thing is I found these red pointy flats recently in Zara and I thought they were so cute with the bow and everything, so I bought them. Then the other day I was thinking of a way to style them, since it was bit rainy my hubby suggested for me to wear red umbrella as well. That was a great idea cause I really like how the colors in the photos turned out. Wanted to make it all casual with my ripped jeans and my new fave oversize scarf with tiny flowers on it from Tally Weijl
Have a great week!

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