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Outfit | Ruffled top, ruffled skirt



Who would know I was gonna love ruffles that much. There are so many trends lately that I’m loving but I’m not getting to style them, and that makes me sad cause you know how much I love me some trendy pieces. Well I think this summer is gonna be super hot and I’m gonna be by the pool or the beach most of the time so I’m not gonna be needing that much clothes anyway ?
I don’t know why I thought that I need this much ruffles in one look, but I feel like it turned out cool and kinda effortless since I opted for sneakers on the bottom. Funny thing is that both top and bottom ( styled here – Outfit | Different shades of grey ) are from the same store and they matched perfectly. This WHITE RUFFLE SLEEVES TOP also has these cute eyelet trim details that makes it more girly and fun. I kept the look white and grey, but I do love me some color so next look is definitely gonna be in color…









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