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Outfit | Styling color block boots

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Since it’s still winter time I have an excuse to buy more winter stuff ? and being obsessed with shoes as always I got some new addition to my collection. This time around it’s par of boots that I never owned – color block boots.

I know how some women love their bags well I’m not one of them I love me some shoes!!! If I have an option I’ll always go for another par of shoes, I can’t help myself, I know I have a problem ? that being said you can imagine how exited I was when I saw these COLOR BLOCK BOOTS since I don’t have anything similar in my wardrobe I had to get them. They are a true refreshment since I do have a lot of black boots, these are going to add interest to any look I think. I did style them bit louder with a color block faux fur coat but I did stick to the same color scheme so this look is, in my opinion, kinda neutral. They will par well with all black too, and with midi length skirt for a dressier occasion it would be perfect.

What are your thoughts of these kind of boots, would you wear them and how?!

color block boots


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