2016 trend black gladiator sandals double dutch braid OUTFIT white dress

Outfit | White dress and gladiators

Hola amores! How’s your week so far! Hope everything is well!
Look at me wearing a dress 😉 that’s a rare sight 🙂 Well actually it is, I’m more of a jeans kind a girl but once in a while I end up being all cute and feminine! My hubby really liked this look on me, I don’t know if it was because of the white dress or maybe my dutch braids but it’s nice when your hubby gives you a thumbs up  for your outfit. I found this white dress in an Indian shop in my town, I love visiting these kind of stores, they always have some hidden gems there! What do you guys think of this look, dress, dutch braids and gladiator sandals!?

Dress: Indian shop | Bag: New Yorker | Sandals: eBay 

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