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Outfit | Winter street style – layers

winter street style ootd layering

I’m seriously wearing everything I own ? it’s so cold I have layers and layers of clothes on me! Winter has sneak up on me… I really don’t like wearing one big puffer jacket with barely nothing under it, I prefer layers of clothes and a chic coat on top of it. I think is much practical that way cause you can be indoors and outdoors with not too much fuss. The only time I do wear big puffer jacket is when it’s below zero and I have to go somewhere or when I have some gathering or celebration to attend to so I dress light and elegant under it. And I kinda like that layered look, it gives you the option of looking all put together but still warm.

I have been seeing that trend of wearing your jeans under skirts or dresses and I love it so much, it’s bit different and it gives you the effect – I thought through my whole look. I saw in stores sweatshirts and sweaters with attached faux skirt, and I think that is a great idea for those who live somewhere warmer but still wanna have that layered effect.

What do you guys say, what’s your way of fighting the cold?!

Coat: Pimkie
Sweatshirt: Topshop
Jeans: Terranova (+DIY hem)
Boots: Bershka
Bag: (HERE)

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