black studded backpack h&m black jeggings leopard print scarf OUTFIT white sneakers yellow sweater

Outfit | Yellow and leopard

outfit, leopard print scarf, black studded backpack, yellow sweater, h&m black jeggings, white sneakers

Hey guys! How are you all?!
Recently I found this yellow sweater in thrift shop for like $3 or $4 and it’s Tom Tailor. I’m not really a big fan of the yellow color or any other bold color what so ever but I just like this one and the style of it. It’s bit oversized and cropped. So I decided to par it with my leopard print scarf, loud color with loud colors right?! 😉 I kinda played it sporty and relaxed with black jeggings, sneakers and my trusty backpack!
It’s absolutely everyday casual, but it’s just the way I like it, aha aha 😉

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