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Printed sweatshirt

sweatshirt and jeans


If you know my style by now you know I’m always for street style vibes and that means sweatshirt and jeans all the way. Love being comfortable but still kinda stylish. Who says you can’t be stylish in a sweatshirt especially if your sweatshirt speaks for it self. This one is so loud I love it.
I think it’s all about the details, if you are wearing a plain outfit than your accessories are the details that bring life into the look but if you are wearing a piece of clothing that is printed or detailed like the sweatshirt I’m wearing well than you don’t need accessories. When your top has bit of print, bit of ruffles, bit of sequins than you’re set. You can find this piece on Asos marketplace Poppy Lovers Fashion with many other great quality pieces. I have few more items from them to show you as well so stay tuned.











  1. I love the puffy sleeves, blue ruffles and colourful graphic on the front of your sweatshirt as well as the light blue colour and high-waisted styling of your denim mom jeans. The highlights in your hair are pretty, and I like the round sunglasses. You look fabulous!

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