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Red leopard print dress

How to style leopard print dress or in this case the question would be how to style red leopard print dress?
Ether way lets start with the basics. Styling red dress, especially if it is printed can get tricky. First you think what colors go with red, than what goes with prints and than what goes with this style and cut of the dress. So I wanna try and make it simple for you and give you few tips or at least what to be aware of.


1. Red goes well with neutral colors, such as black and white (you can’t go wrong with that combo)
2. Leopard print and red are match made in heaven so you don’t need any other crazy colors or prints that would compete with this combination.
3. Think – less is more – let the dress speak for it self, and instead of competing with it, play along. Complement it with accessories (belt, bag, hair pieces, jewelry…)
4. Depending on the style of the dress you can dress it up or down. This is where the shoes are your best friends. Go for sneakers or flat sandals for a casual vibe or heels, boots for more elevated look.
5. If you are feeling extra, you can always go for a monochrome look, in this case all red. Red shoes, red jacket/coat depending on the weather and last but not least bold red lips.


Here I styled it with all black, keeping it simple when it comes to colors, but at the same time played with different textures and added some accessories in my hair. I was going for bit more chic and put together look since it was my birthday but if I was going for an everyday look, I would definitely wear slippers, flat sandals or sneakers and less accessories.


This dress I found on sale at Bershka and it was love at first sight. The cut of it is just perfect, and I know I’m gonna be able to wear it all year long, it’s such a versatile piece. Since it’s sold out i will link some beautiful women dresses for you to check it out!

red-leopard-print-dress-4 red-leopard-print-dress-5 red-leopard-print-dress-7 red-leopard-print-dress-8

Stay tuned for some red series coming your way! I already styled Red tiger print dress and added some bonus tips for you!!! Go check it out!!!


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