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Red leopard print shirt

I’m on fire!!! My third post styling red. Well I did promised you red series so I’m keeping my promise. In last two posts I am styling Red leopard print dress and Red tiger print dress , also in those posts I’m sharing some tips with you on how to style red with ease, cause I know it can be a bit intimidating color. This time I am wearing this red leopard print shirt and by now you realized that I am sticking to my own rules when it comes to styling red especially printed one.


HOW TO STYLE LEOPARD PRINT SHIRT – The style of the shirt is kinda boxy and cropped so I did tied it at the front just to accentuate the waist but you can leave it as it is for a more casual relaxed fit. You might have noticed that I love edging up my looks so they are not to feminine hence the combat boots. Also I kept it all neutral and let the shirt be the center of attention.

red-leopard-print-shirt-2 red-leopard-printed-shirt-1

I know shirt and jeans are such a basic combo, and everyone can pull it of, that is why I like to make it more interesting and play with colors and prints. You are wearing shirt and jeans but cause of the cut of the shirt and print of it, you instantly have more elevated look. Not only that but it looks like you actually made an effort.

red-leopard-print-shirt-3 red-leopard-print-shirt-4

I’m gonna repeat my self but I can’t stress enough the fact that the accessories play a huge part of your look. Depending on what you love – dainty or statement jewelry, silver or gold – always try to incorporate at least one fave piece (no matter if it is only a watch or just one necklace) but trust me, jewelry makes you instantly chic and shows of your personality as well. I myself love playing with accessories, layering necklaces is my thing as of lately, but you do you. You don’t have to follow trends to have your signature style.


Trowing in some bonus tips for my PETITE GIRLS out there. Since the shirt is cropped and boxy, try tying it in the knot to accentuate the waist. Also if your jeans are to long to show off your boots, cuff them or even better hem them. That is exactly what I did with these jeans after the photoshoot, I hemmed them long enough to show my ankles and left the raw hem. Raw hem is pretty popular now, I personally love it, makes the look more effortless, and it saves you time on sawing!

I have one more look in these red series, so stay tuned, and in the meantime you can check my previous how to style red posts in the links above!!!

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