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Top 5 fashion trends that marked 2016

embroidery trend outfit

Last 2016 weekend trend talk! I wanted to sum up few huge trends that marked this year. These are trends that I was seeing all the year around and wanted to share with you. So lets begin…
1. Embroidery – I know you know about this one it was kinda hard to miss it since it was everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean every piece of clothing had an embroidered detail on it, starting with jackets, jeans, dresses, tops and lastly shoes (even boots). 
2. Bell sleeves – well here we can add bell bottom pants as well but I already talked about it my post Trend | Flared jeans so this time around I’m mentioning bell sleeves on every top you can imagine even on sweaters. I still haven’t got my hands on one of these tops but I love it. 
3. Velvet – like embroidery this trend was everywhere. Every piece of clothing was made out of this material, so we have velvet tops, dresses, jackets, blazers and ultimately shoes!!! I would love to get me some velvet boots those are my favorite.
4. Fishnet tights and socks – this trend is bit bolder I’d say, for more daring fashionistas, it looks great with all type of shoes but in my opinion it goes best when it’s worn under some ripped jeans. Well you can also rock then with shorts, skirts and dresses, no limitations there.
5. Choker necklaces – last but not least are choker necklaces that made a huge come back from the 90’s. It’s a bit modernized version and you can read all about them in my post Trend | Top 5 styles of choker neklaces. I think that this trend everybody tried at least once ?
So do you guys agree, wanna add some trend you think marked 2016!?

bell sleeves trend outfit

velvet trend outfit

fishnet tights socks trend outfit

choker necklace trend

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