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Trend | Cropped flared jeans & flared jeans

Hey loves! Happy weekend!
It’s time for a little weekend trend talk! I’m guessing you have already noticed, well at least among bloggers and celebs, the flared jeans trend. Yes they are back, and they are styling them in a ’70s way as much as in a modern way. But that is not all, they are back but they brought they friend along as well 😉 cropped flared jeans are here too. 
For me flared jeans really do look flattering since they do elongate your legs, but I have to wear really high heels with them if I don’t want to drag them along with me, he he. And cropped flared jeans are a bit tricky for me, being short they make my little legs even shorter, so I really have to style them properly if I don’t want to look like a little dwarf 😉 So I think that tall girls are having a win-win situation with this trend!!!
What do you guys say, are you gonna rock one of these jeans or both this s/s!?

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