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Trend | Fishnet tights and socks

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Weekend trend talk – fishnet tights and socks. Have you noticed this trend going on!? I remember when fishnet socks were popular I was at the beginning of my college years, they came in many different colors beside black like pink and blue, but I never had fishnet tights before. Now they are on runways and on streets!

When it comes to tights I don’t know if I would personally rock them just because they are kinda to sexy and out there for my taste but who knows maybe I’ll try ? . Socks are definitely something I would wear and you can style them with heels and flats. Besides being trendy they are also practical, you know how sometimes when you wear shoes on bare feet they give you blisters well this works as a protection if you don’t wanna go all the way and wear a regular sock under your chic high heels (which is also a huge trend right now).

Please do tell me your thoughts!? 

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