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Trend | Fur lined slides (Gucci)

gucci fur lined slides loafers shoes

Hey loves, how’s going?! Hope you are all doing great!
I wanted to talk about a trend that is quite popular right now. I don’t know if you notices these furry creatures around?! These furry shoes – slides are such a unique looking shoes and a real show stopper 😉 I still don’t have an opinion about them, I kinda like the idea of fur picking through but I don’t know if they are something I would actually wear. Celebrities are rocking them and they are becoming more and more popular among fashion bloggers as well. Being more popular they are getting their copies and shoes that are inspired by them! 
Gucci was the first one that show them on the runway and everyone else accepted it and made their own versions! What do you guys think about this trend!? Would you wear them!? If so how would you style them!?!

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