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Vacation haul | H&M, Primark

Hay guys! Wishing you a lovely and relaxed weekend!!!
I was thinking whether I should do a haul or not for you, since I haven’t bought many things actually. Well I did bought but mostly souvenirs and sweets, which doesn’t count 😉 but at the end I decided to do it just because I really like the few things I got. I would probably bought more but we didn’t have much time to shop, luckly for me 😉
First thing is first, in Dresden I found this gorgeous faux fur jacket in H&M on sale from $80 to $30, what a score, right?! And most importantly they had it in my size as well, yay!!! Love it so much, the colors, the style, everything. I will surely be styling it soon on my blog!
Then also in Dresden but in Primark I found few things, some gifts for my nieces (that I’m not gonna be sharing) then cozy pajamas for me in white and wine combo, totally wintery thick and with little snowflakes. And finally, before we even went on a vacation I promised my hubby I’ll get him 3D glasses for his phone if I find them abroad and I did so I made my promise! He was so surprised 🙂
I hope you like this little haul, I know I like seeing what other people got. I was a good girl this time and didn’t go nuts like I usually do.

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