grey maxi dress with subtle white flowers mint floral top OUTFIT terranova black on/off print crop top terranova grey mickey mouse print crop top white embroidered lace crochet top/shirt/vest

Vacation haul (try on)

terranova black on/off print crop top with leopard print back, black faux leather shorts, statement necklace, messy bun, white converse,

Here I am with my little vacation haul for you guys!
I did a try on haul, so you could see how the stuff really looks like, not just hanging on a hanger 😉
These first tree crop tops are from Terranova, that we found in Bourgas shopping mall that they call Galleria Burgas!!! 
First one is – black crop top with on/off print and leopard print on the back.
Second one – grey mickey mouse print crop top
Third one is – simple black crop top (such a versatile piece).

terranova grey mickey mouse print crop top, messy bun, black faux leather shorts, white converse, yellow butterflies earrings,

terranova black crop top, choies tropical print high waist shorts,

This beautiful off white embroidered lace shirt/top was a love at first sight! I found it at a local boutique in Sunny beach where we were staying along with this lovely easy breezy mint floral top. I just couldn’t pass by mint color and not buy it 😉 Last thing I bought at the same boutique was a grey maxi dress with subtle white flowers, bit see through but so light and soft.

white embroidered lace shirt top, white crochet see through top blouse,

mint top with pink floral print, short black shorts,

long maxi grey dress with white floral print, statement necklace,

Last thing that I found was this white embroidered lace vest. It’s actually size extra large, but it was the last one and I loved it so much that I just couldn’t leave it there 🙂 and I like that is little bit over sized, makes it more effortless!

white embroidered lace crochet vest top, black bandeau top, black high waist shorts,

I did bought some sandals and sneakers also, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them. So you’ll probably see me styling them in one of my future posts. I hope the weather allows me to show you everything cause I’m not gonna be dancing in the rain in sandals 😉 🙂

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