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Vacation outfit | Toroni beach – Sithonia

blue dress yellow tassel earrings

Another day another beach, or at least that’s how we roll ? We were really trying to see as many beaches as we could, asked for recommendations and went on a different beach every day.
On this day we went to Toroni that is a half an hour ride from Sarti (place that we were at). It’s a beautiful long beach with calm water with no wind and waves at all, great for families with little children. We saw couple of couples with little babies there as well, so it’s kids friendly. There are many restaurants there to eat as well, with Greek specialties like gyros and souvlaki, but they also serve fish and salads. Not much of a night life, that is why every evening we come back to Sarti. 
I was feeling the blue, kinda matching with the sea. This dress you already saw me styling in the post Outfit Blue ruffled dress but since I love wearing color in the summer I added these statement YELLOW TASSEL EARRINGS that pared well with the blue, I think. You can find them at and use the coupon code “ZafulChen” for 10% off.

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