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Vacation | Winter in Prague

Hey loves!!! Happy Monday! Happy New Year!!!
Hope you all had wonderful holidays!!! As you can see I’m back! We went on a little vacation right after New Years. It was such an adventure. We never went on a winter vacation before. I didn’t know what to expect actually visiting European town in winter. We went to Prague in Czech Republic, beautiful cold snowy city. I was amazed by its architecture, old part of the town… everything is left just the way it was made years ago, they are trying to keep the old spirit and that really makes it unique. We didn’t spend much time there, well not enough to see all its beauty but we saw the main streets and famous buildings and monuments, Cathedral, Charles bridge, all with the guide of course 😉 It was quite cold but we knew it would be so we were all bundled up! When I say we I mean my mum my hubby and I. The only inconvenience we had it was on the border :/ we waited there for 5 hours and then when it was our turn to cross the bus broke and we stayed there for another 6 hours in a temperature below zero. It was quite unpleasant, and we came to Prague day after at 19 pm and lost whole day of the trip, but what can you do it was no ones fault, those things happen I guess. So we explored the city in an instant way 🙂
It was still amazing and an absolute adventure. I leave you with some of the photos I have chosen from so many. Stay tuned guys for more photos from our vacation, next stop was Dresden (Germany). Enjoy…

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