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Yellow button down dress



I feel like it’s been ages since I properly sat down and checked my blog. Lately I’m feeling quite unmotivated to write and update this part of my life. I used to love it, i couldn’t wait to make outfits to inspire you or to let you know what the biggest trend are lately, now I just can help the feeling of – there are more important things in life – and of course there are but this was my sweet escape, and I hate that I’m neglecting this world of mine… How do you guys keep the motivation going strong!?
Anyway continuing with the yellow streak… I’m so glad that this fall still feels like end of summer and that there is still sunshine, it really inspires me to wear color, especially yellow. You have to agree that yellow looks it’s best in the sunlight, and I’m a huge fan of this particular shade of yellow – not to bright. This BUTTON DOWN DRESS is actually a trendy piece, cause as you might have noticed everyone is wearing these type of front button dresses in every possible color. I did play with layers, cause I thought it’s more fall appropriate hence the black color as well. I kinda feel good in yellow, not as more beautiful but as more cheerful ?
Hope this lack of motivation is gonna pass soon and I’ll continue to inspire you with more fashion and beauty content!!!












BOOTS – Bershka

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